ASAP Podcast With Stephanie Horvath R D Tennessee Vols Football Team Nutritionist

img src http nextlevelfitness typepad com a 6a00d83453dfa869e201b7c90805e7970b-pi alt width 250 height 250 The sports nutrition side of training for athletics has become a large slice of the pie in collegiate sports Its importance is now thought of as a key factor in the overall development of athletes Poor eating habits coupled with poor food choices is a double whammy against optimal growth College coaches have a four to maybe five year window of opportunity to develop their athletes to their potential And of course in some instances where a superb athlete may make the jump to professional sports that time frame might even be shorter Therefore it s quite critical to begin the developmental process as soon as the athlete lands on campus It s no longer a Hey be sure to eat your fruits and vegetables world There s too much on the line Click here to visit this podcast episode