Monthly radio show from the Tax Justice Network packed with the latest news, scandal, research and unique analysis of events in the world of tax evasion, tax avoidance and financial corruption tackling the most challenging ethical and economic issues of our times. It features news headlines, unique expert analysis you won’t find anywhere else and a mini-documentary.

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98 Financial Secrecy Index Who Are The World s Worst Offenders

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In this special extended Taxcast Naomi Fowler takes you on a whistle-stop guided tour on an express train around the world looking at the worst offenders selling secrecy services What can nations can do to protect themselves and their populations from the corruption that results from financial and legal secrecy

Released 2/20/2020

97 Another Great Depression Or Tax Justice And Transparency

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The Taxcast kicks off the new decade with the French strikes - tax justice and pensions vs financialisation the EU countries who ve missed the deadline on publishing registers of real corporate owners the effect of Brexit on poorer plundered countries And the IMF s stark warnings about the finance curse and another Great Depression

Released 1/23/2020

96 The Financialisation Of Child And Elderly Care

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This month we ask - what s going on with our pre-school childcare and elderly care home services We take a long hard look at the financialisation of our services and what we can do about it Plus the Conservative party in the UK has won a major victory in the general elections With major challenges for tax justice what are the next steps for trade deal negotiations Will Britain become a fully fledged Singapore-on-Thames

Released 12/19/2019

95 Paradigm Shifts On Tax And the Uncounted

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This month we speak to Tax Justice Network CEO Alex Cobham on his new book The Uncounted on the politics of counting Who s missing from the stats from the bottom to the very top And how can we count better Plus For decades corporate tax cuts have been touted as the way to promote the economy This month the Tax Justice Network s John Christensen talks about a paradigm shift on corporate tax in the UK general election and we look at the results of Trump s corporate tax cuts in the US - did they deliver what he promised

Released 11/21/2019

94 Taxing Wealth - How To Triumph Over Injustice

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In this month s episode we speak to Gabriel Zucman about his new book with co-author Emmanuel Saez - Triumph of Injustice How the Rich Dodge Taxes and How to Make Them Pay Plus as Extinction Rebellion has held a fortnight of protests around the world over the climate emergency we discuss the surprisingly small number of companies which determine whether investment will go into a better future or onto a continued path of destruction We discuss how tax justice and a different vision of growth can lead us back from the brink

Released 10/25/2019

93 A New Vision For Europe Amid The Brexit Vortex

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In this month s episode we discuss a new vision for Europe amid or in spite of the Brexit vortex plus - Britain s about to become the neighbour from hell post-Brexit how can the EU defend citizens from the race to the bottom on tax and regulations between nations precipitated by Britain s destructive Singapore-on-the-Thames model

Released 9/27/2019

92 Ethical Accounting Brexit Crisis And Threats To Public Health Services

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In this month s Taxcast ethics and accountancy - yes they can go together Plus as Britain sinks into full crisis-mode over Brexit we bring you unique analysis on some of the far-reaching consequences for the world including threats to public health service models And why does the new British government love Freeports so much

Released 8/28/2019

91 Immigration As Reparations For Global Inequality

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Immigration as reparations we speak with multiple award winning Suketu Mehta about his new book This Land Is Our Land An Immigrant s Manifesto on the fastest way to fix global inequalities and injustices Also we discuss France s 3 digital tax which has so angered the US president and yet another sign of the collapse of the supposed international consensus on tax rules and which countries have the power to dominate those agreements And we discuss the high tensions with Iran in the Strait of Hormuz and how expensive navies are potentially protecting privately owned ships busy minimising their tax bills using flags of convenience

Released 7/23/2019

Speaking Tax Justice In Five Languages

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The Tax Justice Network now speaks tax justice in five languages on radio stations and podcast platforms across the world each with their own unique content and style English Spanish French Arabic and now Portuguese In this Taxcast special the podcast radio producers come together to discuss their experiences of covering tax justice in their regions

Released 7/15/2019

90 The Corporate Tax Haven Index

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This month we look at the new Corporate Tax Haven Index released by the Tax Justice Network What does it tell us about the global economy and the international tax system And how can we fix it

Released 6/26/2019

89 Transforming Local Economies The Preston Model

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In this special extended edition of the May 2019 Taxcast we go to Preston in the North of England to see the Preston Model in action and how they re transforming their local economy and democratizing wealth Also dark money and the European elections - elite interests aligning with the far right And we ask why doesn t Britain have its own Huawei

Released 5/23/2019

The Taxcast April 2019

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In this special extended edition of the April 2019 Taxcast broadcast from the tax haven of Jersey - we explore Jersey s poor showing in the OECD s Better Life Index and ask why Jersey s spending so much money on improving it s bad image instead of setting up public registers of beneficial ownership information - we interview the tax haven of Jersey s former Chief Advisor to the government one of Jersey s main architects of and defenders of its offshore business model - we hear about Jersey s dysfunctional political system from an elected representative of Jersey s only political party and its rising inequality levels - we speak to the fire-starters of the global tax justice movement - it all started in Jersey

Released 4/25/2019

The Taxcast March 2019

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This month we discuss misleading reporting from the mainstream media on the financial crisis it was overloaded with finance experts fed misunderstandings on the financial crash sold us the austerity narrative and omitted alternative solutions Plus two huge court case tax and social justice wins - firstly an unprecedented case in Kenya by Tax Justice Network Africa against the tax haven of Mauritius Secondly a US court has ruled that international financial institutions like the IMF and the World Bank CAN be sued when their development projects hurt communities And we re happy to report that the EU Commission WILL now investigate one of the cases exposed by the LuxLeaks whistleblowers

Released 3/21/2019

The Taxcast February 2019

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In the February 2019 Taxcast why hasn t the European Commission investigated any of the secret tax deals that were exposed by the LuxLeaks whistleblowers where tax authorities gave multi-national companies outrageously low tax rates Plus aid for whom We discuss the financialisation of aid

Released 2/22/2019

The Taxcast January 2019

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Naomi Fowler talks to investor and author Jonathan Tepper who s co-written a book called The Myth of Capitalism Monopolies and the death of capitalism and explore monopolies the dangers to consumers and citizens and the suppression of true innovation are we in the last stage of capitalism Plus the Tax Justice Network s John Christensen discusses Congress woman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez s proposal for a 70 top marginal tax rate to be levied on incomes once they get to 10 million and above And we talk about Brexit and how the European Union should handle the City of London s finance sector

Released 1/24/2019

The Taxcast December 2018

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In this month s podcast time s running out to tackle climate crisis facing us all We look at environmental taxes and making them fair Plus we discuss the gilets jaunes in France a movement that s been widely reported as anti-green taxes but is in fact born from wider desperation for their let them eat cake President Macron to reverse a series of policies that have worsened inequality in the country We give Monsieur le President a lesson in how not to implement an environmental tax

Released 12/18/2018

The Taxcast November 2018

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In this month s Taxcast we look at how governments can better protect encourage and even incentivise whistleblowers Also what do the latest Brexit developments tell us about dark money the influence industry and plutocracy And we hear from the UN s Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights Philip Alston on his findings from his UK visit

Released 11/22/2018

The Taxcast October 2018

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In the October 2018 Taxcast we speak to Nicholas Shaxson about his new book The Finance Curse How Global Finance Is Making Us All Poorer released alongside new research from the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute on the true costs of the City of London s oversized finance sector to the British economy - 4 5 trillion in lost economic output over a 20 year period that s equivalent to 67 500 for every person in the UK not far off 90 000 This research has serious implications for oversized financial centres everywhere Also we discuss the brutal murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi the hypocrisy of the west and corruption of democracy by dark money and national and international security threats not only from Russia but also from China and the most overlooked - the United States

Released 10/25/2018

The Taxcast September 2018

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In the September 2018 Taxcast we talk about Moneyland and the transnational elite that have broken free of democratic control with journalist Oliver Bullough Also 10 years after the financial crash - how do we tackle the next one Plus we discuss the fifth aide of US President Trump to be convicted of or admit criminal charges and what it says about the spread of plutocracy

Released 9/20/2018

The Taxcast August 2018

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In the August 2018 Taxcast We ask why many Bermudians are leaving their beautiful island why inequality levels have become so extreme despite it s huge offshore services centre Plus we discuss the legal fight back against financial transparency gains and we discuss tackling fake news from fake think tanks

Released 8/10/2018

The Taxcast July 2018

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In the July 2918 Taxcast a firewall to protect EU citizens from the Big Four accountancy firms and the tax avoidance lobby Plus we discuss UN Rapporteur on Poverty and Human Rights Professor Philip Alston s announced visit to the UK to look at austerity and the human rights consequences his report on the US was hard-hitting and controversial What will he make of the UK Also we look at Transparify s 2018 think tank funding transparency rankings and talk about how opacity is the name of the game for many of the free market lobby groups pushing for Brexit deregulation privatisation and tax havenry such as the Institute for Economic Affairs

Released 7/24/2018

The Taxcast June 2018

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We ve had leak after leak whistleblower after whistleblower But no matter what the scandal is when it comes to financial secrecy and tax dodging the so-called big four accountancy firms are key players We interview investigative journalist Richard Brooks of the Private Eye on his new book Bean Counters the triumph of the accountants and how they broke capitalism Plus Will President Trump be prosecuted for foundation fraud And can a leopard change its spots How come the secrecy jurisdiction of Delaware came out in support of a financial transparency bill

Released 6/28/2018

The Taxcast May 2018

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In this month s Taxcast We discuss why we can t afford the rich and challenge ideas about wealth entrepreneurialism and investment Also ten years ago the Tax Justice Network was told it d never happen but this month British MPs voted to stop secret ownership of companies in British Overseas Territories The Crown Dependencies got away for now But the pressure is on them as a UK Foreign Affairs Committee report says corrupt assets of Kremlin-connected individuals pouring in to London is a threat to the UK s national security And while some of the money hidden in the Overseas Territories may flow to the United States the EU may actually add it to their blacklist of non-cooperative jurisdictions

Released 5/29/2018

The Taxcast April 2018

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In this month s Taxcast Tax justice women and UN human rights conventions how we may be beginning to hold governments to account Also we discuss scandal-hit Facebook s checks on whether overseas influencers are funding political ads in the United States and why they won t work And is it time for a new model How Mark Zuckerberg could become a hero Plus Norway does the responsible thing and decides not to invest its sovereign wealth fund in private equity And India s decade-long battle to collect back taxes from Vodafone runs into potential conflicts of interest at the highest political levels

Released 4/24/2018

The Taxcast March 2018

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In this month s Taxcast They say history is written by the victors So how can we rethink the way we use words about tax havens that reflect the reality of what s really happening We talk to Alain Deneault about his new book in which he writes about laundering with language - Legalising Theft a short guide to tax havens Plus we discuss the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter on British soil and how by welcoming oligarchs with no questions asked the City of London has compromised democracy and ushered in an era of oppression criminality and impunity And also how US President Trump s tax reforms have awarded tax write-offs for private jet owners

Released 3/22/2018

The Taxcast February 2018

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In this month s Taxcast we look at the United States Trump s tax reforms and the killing of the American Dream Plus as we see yet another school shooting should the powerful National Rifle Association continue to be a tax-exempt non-profit organisation And we discuss ongoing state-capture in Malta as the European Banking Authority investigates Pilatus bank the subject of murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia s investigations Can the Malta Financial Services Authority possibly be fully equipped and free from conflicts of interest to perform its supervisory duties

Released 2/27/2018

The Taxcast January 2018

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In the January 2018 Taxcast we explore the results of the Tax Justice Network s Financial Secrecy Index just out that tell the real story of global corruption We look at the top ten worst global offenders discuss the 4 key geographical political poles the Far East Europe Britain plus its cluster of satellite tax havens and the United States And we discuss what countries can do independently and as regional blocs to defend themselves against the threats to their economies from offshore secrecy jurisdictions

Released 1/30/2018

The Taxcast December 2017

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We speak with Jake Bernstein about his new book Secrecy World - we ask what makes offshore players like Jurgen Mossack and Ramon Fonseca tick and what do the Panama Papers and now the Paradise Papers tell us about Presidents Putin Trump and the transnational oligarchy Also we analyse Tax Haven USA s tax reforms set to turbo-charge inequality in a country with weak gun controls the EU s disappointing tax haven blacklist and how the race to the bottom on tax between nations won t stop at 0

Released 12/14/2017

The Taxcast November 2017

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In the November 2017 Taxcast we discuss the latest offshore scandal the Paradise Papers with one of the journalists who got the scoop Frederik Obermaier of Suddeutsche Zeitung We interpret the enquiries to Jersey from offshore lawyers looking for a new tax haven for Apple which they d rather had remained secret look at the anti-democratic processes the Paradise Papers uncover and ask - what now for tax justice

Released 11/23/2017

The Taxcast October 2017

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In this month s Taxcast we look at the booming business of passports and residency for sale and why it should worry us all Also even the IMF now advocates wealth taxes to combat inequality yet governments around the world most recently President Macron of France are going in the opposite direction despite all the evidence that it s a bad idea we discuss how Russia and the US are now world leaders in inequality and the good news that the European Commission has ordered Luxembourg to claim back 293 million in taxes from Amazon in another ruling on illegal state aid

Released 10/23/2017

The Taxcast September 2017

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In the September 2017 Taxcast we look at our over-reliance on unhelpful economic measures like Gross Domestic Product and how it constrains us Also we discuss hurricanes tax havens and disaster capitalism and the bitcoin bubble - China may be closing its doors on it for the moment but tax havens like Switzerland are very interested

Released 9/21/2017

The Taxcast August 2017

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In the August 2017 Taxcast 10yearsafter the crash we ask - what will the next one look like Can we avoid it Also Panama Papers fallout - another Prime Minister bites the dust this time in Pakistan the offshore law firm Mossack Fonseca has closed 39 of its 45 offices around the world a UK court ruling spells the end for employee benefit trusts being used by footballers to minimise their tax bills and the Bank Of England Governor has predicted Britain s financial sector could double in size in the next 25 years Has he not heard of the finance curse

Released 8/17/2017

The Taxcast July 2017

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In this month s July 2017 Taxcast we explore Land Value Tax and the billions in revenue we re missing out on Plus Tax Haven USA signs up to potential sanctions and blacklisting of the few nations still refusing to comply with international financial transparency rules which would er include itself as the world s prime offender Did Team USA read the small print And will the G20 OECD and the EU really blacklist one of the world s biggest economies Also at last Members of the European Parliament vote for public country by country reporting for the world s biggest companies but a last minute amendment was tabled

Released 7/20/2017

The Taxcast June 2017

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In the June 2017 Taxcast we ask - has the UK just had its first tax justice general election Are we seeing a popular shift towards tax justice in the UK and in the US Is this the beginning of the end to our long austerity winter How much do people REALLY care about taxes who pays them and who doesn t

Released 6/22/2017

The Taxcast May 2017

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In the May 2017 Taxcast we talk to film director Michael Oswald about his new film The Spider s Web Britain s Second Empire Listen for details on how you can see the film Also we discuss booming Sweden s reverse-Trumpism its economy grew almost twice as fast as the US last year and it wasn t achieved through cutting taxes Plus the Russian Parliament is considering sweeteners that would accelerate Crimea s progress further along the tax haven and secrecy jurisdiction route

Released 5/24/2017

The Taxcast April 2017

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In the April 2017 Taxcast the Panama Papers one year on - we talk to the journalists who got the scoop Plus we discuss the raid on Credit Suisse and new data exposing the profit shifting shennanigans of the EU s biggest banks

Released 4/20/2017

The Taxcast March 2017

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In the March 2017 Taxcast the high price we re paying for our finance sectors we look at staggering statistics showing how the US finance sector is a net drag on their economy Also as the British government initiates Brexit divorce negotiations to leave the EU we discuss something they ought to know but obviously don t they re actually in a very weak position Could it mean the beginning of the end of the finance curse gripping the UK economy

Released 3/23/2017

The Taxcast February 2017

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In the February 2017 Taxcast how financial transaction taxes can protect us from finance sectors dragging our economies down Plus the Swiss referendum - taxpayers have refused to pick up the tab for corporate tax reforms What does that mean for one of world s biggest tax haven players Also we discuss President Trump s valentine gift for kleptocrats and the extractives industry as he repeals anti-corruption regulations - the criminal race to the bottom is on And the influence of dark money the experts in distorting democratic debate and the results of the 2017 Transparify report

Released 2/23/2017

The Taxcast January 2017

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In the January 2017 Taxcast we look at tax justice and public procurement - the efforts to hit tax dodging companies where it really hurts on a local level trying to stop them bidding for public money for public contracts Also how massive amounts of money are flowing into Tax Haven USA to circumvent the flawed Common Reporting Standard - South Dakota is apparently raking in tax evading capital the slippery world of residence planning and the synthetic residency dodge we discuss the UK s Criminal Finances Bill likely to be passed this year which includes proposals for Unexplained Wealth Orders and holding tax evading enablers to account An amendment to the bill could force UK satellite tax havens the overseas territories to create public registers of the real owners of companies something they ve so far refused to do and we consider the British threat to the EU if you give us a bad Brexit deal we ll push regulation-lite tax haven UK even further in a race to the bottom and shoot ourselves in the foot

Released 1/19/2017

The Taxcast December 2016

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In the December 2016 Taxcast In trusts we trust We look at the new game in town beneficial ownership avoidance the booming industry in alternative escape vehicles from public registers and why we must shine the spotlight on all of them Plus we discuss two big stories we think will define 2017 the race to the bottom between nations on tax aka a transfer of wealth to the corporate community and how the world s biggest havens are increasingly having to account for the devastating effect their tax and or financial secrecy policies are having on human rights around the world

Released 12/20/2016

The Taxcast November 2016

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In the November 2016 Taxcast Tax Inspectors Without Borders we look at a practical project that s changing lives and aiming to level the global playground of tax minimising multinational companies Plus what does new US President Trump mean for tax justice In Trusts we trust The French Constitutional Court upholds a challenge to France s trailblazing public register of Trusts what does it mean for progress on financial transparency

Released 11/17/2016

The Taxcast October 2016

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In the October 2016 Tax Justice Network podcast we look at the offshorisation of Iceland s economy its collapse and recovery Also Brazil adds Ireland to its tax haven black list and Panama threatens anyone who dares call it a tax haven with a new law plus more scandal and unique analysis you won t find anywhere else

Released 10/20/2016

The Taxcast September 2016

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How a conman can devastate the lives of thousands of ordinary people aided and abetted by the offshore industry - with banks law firms and accountants all happy to look the other way and not ask questions Plus we discuss the latest leak from the Bahamas BahamasLeaks and Apple s 13 billion euro underpaid tax bill a defining moment in the battle between the low no-tax world big corporations would like to see and democratic accountable governance in the public interest

Released 9/23/2016

The Taxcast August 2016

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In the August 2016 Taxcast The Big Four accountancy firms Are they in fact more like the Big One And should they be broken up Also the Duke of Westminster s 9 billion tax free inheritance and how his family history forms the legal basis for the justification of tax avoidance around the world how come the world s biggest banks are now officially endorsing transparency measures And so much for Panama cleaning up its act post-Panama Papers scandal we discuss the demise of Panama s not-so-transparent Transparency Commission

Released 8/19/2016

The Taxcast July 2016

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In the July 2016 Taxcast Hello This is John Doe Interested in data I m happy to share We talk to the two journalists who got the Panama Papers scoop Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier who ve written a book about their experience Plus what does Brexit mean for tax justice We discuss the F4 unholy alliance between Switzerland Hong Kong Singapore and the UK and the accelerated corporate tax race to the bottom

Released 7/21/2016

The Taxcast June 2016

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In the June 2016 Taxcast how different could the lives of those in poverty have been without secrecy jurisdictions We give you the very latest estimates on the missing trillions offshored from the world s developing regions Also Brexit and the special interests behind it Nakedly brazenly they re pushing the City of London s deregulated criminal approach to finance Plus the Panama Papers shed some light on secretive pro-tax haven US lobbying group the Center for Freedom and Prosperity s funders

Released 6/23/2016

The Taxcast May 2016

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In the May 2016 Taxcast What is corruption Well that s a political question and the answer depends on who you ask We discuss the anti-corruption summit in the City of London the world s capital of sleaze and ask if the sun ever set on the colonial era and the idea that corruption is a poor country issue We explore extortive corruption versus collusive corruption and look at a new Poll which indicates for the first time the vast gulf between what the British people consider corrupt and what has become a normal way of doing business and politics The overlap between the public and private spheres raises serious questions about democracy and the nature of global fraud

Released 5/21/2016

The Taxcast April 2016

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In the April 2016 Taxcast we discuss the biggest offshore leak in history the PanamaPapers could it provide an opportunity for nations to expand their secrecy market share Once again all eyes are on Trusts Also as the LuxLeaks whistleblower Antoine Deltour s trial begins in Luxembourg we ask why protections for whistleblowers are being eroded and what it says about the state of our democracy

Released 4/22/2016

The Taxcast March 2016

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Is the US president really serious about tackling corruption in the finance sector Are the presidential candidates Now they can prove it Bank Whistleblowers United tell us how they can restore the rule of law to Wall Street and avoid the next financial crisis in 60 days without any new legislation Plus why a wave of tax amnesties is likely to sweep across the world how does 1 tax and immunity from prosecution sound and what the very first transparency data on banks exposes about how they do business

Released 3/23/2016

The Taxcast February 2016

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Which country is the second easiest in the world after Kenya to set up an anonymous shell company We shine the spotlight on Tax haven USA and the lawyers secretly filmed by Global Witness advising a fake corrupt African government Minister Also we discuss Google s tiny tax payment in the UK how politicians are interfering with the independence of our tax authorities and the rise of the unnoticed tax haven of Taiwan Plus more scandal and analysis

Released 2/19/2016

The Taxcast January 2016

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In the January 2016 Tax Justice Network podcast What s Scotland got to do with the plunder of Moldova We take a look at the Wild West of Scottish Limited Partnerships Also we discuss the tensions in the EU is the net finally closing on multinational companies the tax minimisation deals they ve been getting from various European countries and the big four accountancy firms who advised them Just how bad was the sell off of one of Colombia s most profitable power generation companies And what s former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair got to do with it Also we talk about the MEP who s dragging the European Commission through the courts to get access to papers they d rather we didn t see John Christensen will eat his hat if they DON T reveal what MEP Fabio De Masi suspects they will systematic political backup for a tax avoidance cartel that costs taxpayers in the EU hundreds of billions of dollars annually

Released 1/22/2016

The Taxcast December 2015

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We get some insights into the usually closed world of the wealth managers who serve the super-rich Plus on a par with Kissinger being awarded the Nbel Peace Prize We discuss how the British Banker s Association s got one of their own into the UK government Treasury why Facebook s Mark Zuckerberg s 35 billion charity pledge isn t what it seems and the anonymous survey of accountants that shows corruption is rife and the self-regulating profession can no longer be trusted

Released 12/15/2015

The Taxcast November 2015

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In the November 2015 Taxcast Why is the City of London losing so much business to New York Hong Kong and Singapore Our conclusions are quite different from those of a British Bankers Association report on the subject Plus the crazy UK-China nuclear power station deal a sweetener for closer ties between the two nation s financial sectors One year after LuxLeaks exposed some of the secret tax deals being done between government tax authorities and multinational corporations we ask how many more illegal state aid deals might have been made Plus we have a special focus on the results of the latest Financial Secrecy Index 2015 released this month we look at the top ten worst offenders and ask what can be done about them

Released 11/21/2015

The Taxcast October 2015

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In the October 2015 Taxcast we look at the remittance cartel their taxing of the poor with monopoly prices in a juicy 450-500 billion market Also comfort letters and the game changing European Commission ruling that the tax agreements between Luxembourg the Netherlands Starbucks and Fiat constitute illegal state aid we analyse the rich country club of the OECD s BEPS proposals for reform of the global corporate tax system will it really address corporate tax avoidance and evasion

Released 10/23/2015

The Taxcast September 2015

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In the September 2015 Taxcast The next financial crisis We look at offshore and the trillion dollar derivatives market Plus we discuss how Mexico s trying to force multinational companies to pay more tax why recent market madness originating in China shows we need a Financial Transactions Tax more than ever and why the recent election by a landslide of UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn is a game-changer

Released 9/23/2015

The Taxcast August 2015

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In the August 2015 Taxcast Sun sea and tax the Taxcast goes to Mexico and looks at how multinational tourism operates there Plus why Luxembourg is printing euros like there s no tomorrow Brazil offers its tax dodgers an amnesty and we ask how much longer emerging economies and other countries left out of the reform of global tax rules will put up with it

Released 8/20/2015

The Taxcast July 2015

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In an extended July 2015 Taxcast special we look at the crisis in Greece and ask whatever happened to European unity Plus we discuss the European Parliament s vote to make multi-national coporations report their activities on a public country-by-country basis a push to give poorer contries a say in global tax rule-making failes after three days of bullying in Addis Ababa BUT Tax Inspectors Without Borders gets the green light Plus more scandal and unique analysis

Released 7/19/2015

The Taxcast June 2015

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In the June 2015 Taxcast Racketeering money laundering and bribery in international football the FIFA scandal demonstrates everything that s wrong with global finance and attitudes to business Also the EU Commission releases a laughable tax haven blacklist with some glaring omissions we put FIFA s auditors KPMG under the spotlight and Walmart is exposed for paying minimal taxes

Released 6/20/2015

The Taxcast May 2015

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In the May 2015 Taxcast Do our politicians believe in the societies they serve or not The Taxcast looks at making the tax returns of our elected representatives public and the inspirational achievement of journalist Umar Cheema of the Centre for Investigative Reporting in making Pakistan only the fourth country in the world to publish the tax returns of its Parliamentarians Also how the British general election demonstrates political capture by financial interests libertarian paradise - the world s newest tax haven and is Singapore trying to shut down reporting on its tax haven status

Released 5/22/2015

The Taxcast April 2015

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In the April 2015 Taxcast how just are our tax systems towards women Plus one of the USA s biggest corporations and tax avoiders is repatriating billions from offshore and re-focusing on good old manufacturing again and remember how the UK Prime Minister was leading the world in transparency measures not so long ago We discuss a letter a former Cayman Islands lobbyist and Conservative peer wrote to reassure the tax haven that it was an empty gesture to distract from the proposed Financial Transaction Tax

Released 4/23/2015

The Taxcast March 2015

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In the March 2015 Taxcast Democracy for sale how our politics are heavily reliant on tax haven-friendly donors Also we ask Why is HSBC shutting down offshore accounts in Jersey Are we in the final few years of the corporate income tax Is Australia s exempting of big companies from new transparency rules a joke Plus more scandal and analysis you won t find anywhere else

Released 3/21/2015

The Taxcast February 2015

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In the February 2015 Taxcast Just what does a bank have to do to lose its licence We look at the fall out from HSBCLeaks and ask how can we genuinely tackle criminality in global finance Also the latest research on crimes and fines in banking why a recent threat to have UK Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories blacklisted won t exactly have them shaking in their shoes plus more scandal and unique analysis

Released 2/22/2015

The Taxcast January 2015

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In the January 2015 Taxcast how offshore is ruining the Beautiful Game - the Taxcast scrutinises football s own goal Also how banks with criminal convictions are being allowed to continue to handle our money how people may be allowed to apply for anonymity in the UK s register of beneficial owners to be introduced in 2016 and the meeting of the world s most powerful in that bastion of transparency Davos Switzerland Plus more scandal and unique analysis

Released 1/23/2015

Taxcast December 2014

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In the December 2014 Taxcast how mafia is corrupting democracy at the heart of Europe in Italy s capital city of Rome Also the LuxLeaks whistleblower is arrested and makes his first public statements on why he did it the UK Chancellor s Google Tax is the EU Commission President backing away from making a register of the real owners of copmpanies and trusts public Plus more scandal and unique analysis

Released 12/16/2014

November 2014 Taxcast

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In the November 2014 Taxcast You can lie and you can steal from us but this time we ll know who you are Ukraine becomes the first country in the world to introduce a public registry of the real owners of companies The Taxcast speaks to the Director of Ukraine s Anti-Corruption Action Centre about stopping corruption that continues to cost lives Also we take a look at the fallout from the latest leaks from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists on corporate tax avoidance in Luxembourg or LuxLeaks Kenya considers ending corporate tax holidays and why is the taxpayer funded European Investment Bank lending money to companies that are heavy users of tax havens All that and more scandal

Released 11/24/2014

Taxcast October 2014

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How much is corporate welfare costing us Acorss the US they re going to start publishing the subsidies and tax breaks an we take a look at the latest research in the UK Also Ireland announces it ll abolish the Double Irish tax dodge after the EU Commission finds Apple s tax deal is illegal state aid But what will they replace it with Australians iscover the true state of the tax contributions made by their top companies and Tax Justice Network Africa makes history taking the Kenyan government to court in an unprecedented case over a tax deal with the tax haven of Mauritius

Released 10/22/2014

Taxcast September 2014

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In the September 2014 Taxcast unpatriotic corporate deserters We ask why so many US companies are relocating Also the less reported side of the Scottish vote on independence the OECD s latest action plan on tackling international tax avoidance and much much more

Released 9/23/2014

August Taxcast 2014

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In the August 2014 Taxcast when was the last time you used a 100 bill a 500 euro note or a 1 000 Swiss Franc note We look at how Western Central banks and Treasuries are facilitating crime through high denomination bills Also tax haven reputation damage-management Switzerland pulls a fast one on India the European bankers raking in the bonuskis from sanctions against Russia and how the tax haven of Mauritius is erm expanding its portfolio I think it s terrible public policy to facilitate organised crime Jim Henry Produced by Naomi Fowler for the Tax Justice Network and also featuring John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network author of Laundry Men and many other books on financial crime Jeffrey Robinson Assistant US Attorney General Lanny Breuer Economist and asset recovery specialist Jim Henry

Released 8/22/2014

July 2014 Taxcast

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What really happened at the Google Shareholder meeting vote on a proposal for ethical tax principles Plus we discuss what the new tax haven-friendly EU Commission President might now do or not do anti-democratic moves in Hong Kong by the big four accountancy firms and forget the OECD s global tax reforms - developing countries can and are doing it for themselves But will the new BRICS Development Bank do any better And much more

Released 7/22/2014

June 2014 Taxcast

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In the June 2014 Taxcast the guillotine vs progressive taxation the Taxcast looks at Thomas Piketty s book Capital in the 21st Century Also welcome to the temporary tax haven of World Cup Brazil the EU Commission begins investigations into illegal state aid for tax havens and are developing countries really not interested in tracking illicit outflows from their countries Plus more scandals

Released 6/23/2014

May 2014 Taxcast

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In the May 2014 Taxcast the Taxcast looks at privatisation and tax what happens when public assets or services get into private hands Also Google s challenged on its tax affairs by its own shareholders will Congress block the US government s decision to agree to the G20 s global transparency standard And whatever happened to the UK s leadership on public registers of the real owners of companies now it turns out it ll encourage but not force its overseas territories and crown dependencies to sign up to the initiative

Released 5/23/2014

April 2014 Taxcast

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In the April 2014 Taxcast Forget Congress The Taxcast looks at the latest US state to take matters into its own hands and legislate against tax havens Also the scandal of how the Bank for International Settlements has kept offshore wealth data to itself the British government tries to impress its friends in Washington with a tough new tax evasion offence taxing problems in Nigeria and how will UK Parliamentarian Lord Blencathra manage now his 12 000 c 20 000 a month contract with the Cayman Islands has been terminated

Released 4/23/2014

March 2014 Taxcast

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In the March 2014 Taxcast Russia Ukraine Londongrad and the offshore threat to global security Also modern day colonialism Niger battles France over fairer revenues from its uranium it s official - inequality IS bad for economic growth the IMF becomes an unlikely advocate for tax justice And the European Parliament moves against anonymous ownership of companies by voting for public registers of beneficial owners

Released 3/21/2014

February 2014 Taxcast

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In the February 2014 Taxcast Are European tax havens getting illegal state subsidies The European Union s Competition Commissioner thinks so Are the world s tax havens really going to become more transparent We analyse the OECD s automatic information exchange proposal warts and all And the tax haven of the Bahamas is broke the government s solution Tax the poor We look at the Bahamian campaign against a Value Added Tax and their demands for a freedom of information act

Released 2/19/2014

January 2014 Taxcast

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In the January 2014 Taxcast Tax justice goes to the Cayman Islands we look at the latest fall-out from OffshoreLeaks the expose on tax havens from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and HOW much is Africa spending on corporate tax breaks The Taxcast looks at tax incentives Africa-style

Released 1/21/2014

December 2013 Taxcast

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In the December 2013 Taxcast the clock s ticking for Swiss banks OECD countries are failing to collect enough information on the real owners of companies and the Taxcast looks at tax and human rights lawyers have escaped pulic scrutiny for their role in tax abuse So far

Released 12/20/2013

November 2013 Taxcast

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In the November 2013 Taxcast the movers and the shakers in the 2013 Financial Secrecy Index the pariah states trying to wreck new global transparency measures and 50 years ago this month US President John F Kennedy was assassinated Did you know he was trying to tackle tax havens

Released 11/21/2013

October 2013 Taxcast

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In the October 2013 Taxcast Swiss villagers send some of profit shifting mining giant GlencoreXstrata s money to humanitarian projects tax havens do some window dressing and HOW many sets of accounts does a multinational corporation really need to file their tax returns The David and Goliath story of tax collection - even for the United States

Released 10/22/2013

September 2013 Taxcast

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In the September 2013 Taxcast The Netherlands is getting worried about it s bad reputation - and not because of it s red light district China steps aboard the G20 automatic information exchange train and what do Tina Turner and Muammar Gaddafi have in common The Taxcast breaks down the dance moves for the Swiss Shuffle

Released 9/23/2013

August 2013 Taxcast

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In the August 2013 Taxcast we look at why development money is being invested in developing countries via tax havens and the under-reported elements of the tensions between Spain and Britain over the territory of Gibraltar Also tax and the environment - making the polluter pay instead of paying the polluter the Taxcast investigates the Carbon Tax in British Columbia Canada

Released 8/23/2013

July 2013 Taxcast

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In the July 2013 Taxcast We analyse the OECD s Action Plan it says is going to tackle corporate tax avoidance And who needs the OECD the G20 or the G8 anyway The Taxcast looks at alternative working models governments could implement NOW without any more summits Japan introduced it s Tax Haven Counter Measure Law in the 1970s and Mexico has a tax haven black list and the Dictamen Fiscal rule to help it hold multinational corporations to account

Released 7/22/2013

June 2013 Taxcast

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Coulds and shoulds but any real action We analyse what the G8 summit did for tax justice and why some tax havens may get a competitive advantage And while the world waits for reform the Taxcast looks at how some countries are finding creative ways around the current global tax system

Released 6/25/2013

May 2013 Taxcast

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In May s 2013 Taxcast Google and Apple are forced to defend their tax affairs in public how anti-EU sentiment serves offshore interests and the Taxcast looks at tax havens and the arms trade how secrecy kills The Lord of War makes an appearance

Released 5/23/2013

April 2013 Taxcast

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In April 2013 s Taxcast offshore leaks blows the lid off secrecy for sale the G20 endorse greater transparency but let s not get too excited Luxembourge agrees to lift its banking secrecy Austria next And the Taxcast takes a look at fake foreign direct investment

Released 4/23/2013

March 2013 Taxcast

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In March 2013 s Taxcast the crisis in Cyprus and the risk tax havens pose to the global economy a surprise earthquake for UK-affiliated tax havens and a frustrated corporate tax inspector speaks out on the corrupting of the tax system

Released 3/24/2013

February 2013 Taxcast

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In February 2013 s Taxcast Transparency for French banks taxing the digital economy aka how to worry Google and Amazon G8 leaders talk up reform of the global tax system - but will they walk the talk And is it a bird Is it a plane No It s the OECD The Taxcast takes a closer look

Released 2/21/2013

January 2013 Taxcast

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In January 2013 s Taxcast a significant ruling against Dell in Spain India delays rules that would have tackled corporate tax abuse until 2016 the EU threatens to blacklist Switzerland AND we take a look at Google Capitalism An extended edition to kick off 2013 of just under 20 mins

Released 1/23/2013

December Taxcast

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In December s Taxcast Are banks too big to prosecute Thanks but no thanks to Starbucks cynical offer to pay some corporation tax after all and we discuss a new system rating corporate tax responsibility for consumers that will be out in 2013 And - how we can reform our tax system to stop abuse

Released 12/20/2012

November Taxcast

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In November s Taxcast is it the beginning of the end of tax avoidance by multi-national corporations Some countries fight back And the Finance Curse - why an oversized finance sector s bad for an economy A special extended edition

Released 11/22/2012

October Taxcast

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In October s Taxcast Helsinki declares itself a tax haven-free zone Starbucks joins the tax avoidance Roll of Dishonour and we follow the money asset recovery dictators and the selling of secrecy

Released 10/22/2012

September Taxcast

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In September s Taxcast A whistleblower reward threatens Swiss banking secrecy - where will the money go next Bangladesh considers expanding a regressive VAT tax and Professor Prem Sikka on the neglected role of the Big Four accountancy firms aka the pin-stripe mafia

Released 9/22/2012

August Taxcast

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In August s Taxcast capital flight in Africa AND now in Europe Olympian Usain Bolt fails to champion his tax affairs and the Spirit Level writers Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson on tax and inequality There s even an extra minute this month

Released 8/23/2012

July Taxcast

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In July s Taxcast Why there are no prosecutions at HSBC bank a tax justice victory in Norway new research reveals the amount of offshore wealth is higher than anybody thought And we look at the temporary tax haven of the London Olympics

Released 7/22/2012

June Taxcast

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In June s Taxcast celebrity tax avoidance Greece s missing billions what should have been on the G20 agenda and trade mispricing - the tricks of the corruption trade

Released 6/24/2012

May Taxcast

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In May s Taxcast Tax haven insiders speak out the co-founder of Facebook unfriends the US and Europe considers a Financial Transaction Tax

Released 5/23/2012

April Taxcast

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In April s Taxcast Amazon s tax affairs the global tax cut race to the bottom India tackles tax havens and the miners in Zambia who pay more tax than the multi-national mining company

Released 4/23/2012

March Taxcast

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In March s Taxcast Apple i-tax dodging reclaiming Arab Spring country assets the rich country club of the OECD and the ABCs of setting up letterbox companies It s child s play

Released 3/22/2012

February Taxcast

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In February s Taxcast Are City of London Police really serious about prosecuting financial crimes Are bankers paying fair taxes on their bonuses And how Facebook is saving billions in tax via Ireland and Bermuda Special focus this month the tax haven of the City of London semi-autonmous state within a state

Released 2/23/2012

Taxcast January 2012

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Taxcast content this month We discuss the implications of the Vodafone vs India landmark tax case compare Bill Gates and Mitt Romney s attitudes to taxation and visit the Occupy camp outside St Paul s Cathedral in London

Released 1/30/2012