How Not To Sail Podcast…for people who dream of buying a boat and sailing over the horizon

What is the best podcast for people looking to get into boating and sailing?

The How Not To Sail Podcast, of course, because it's not about the latest gear...or "Do you know so-and-so?"...or any of that stuff. It's for people who dream of buying a boat and sailing over the horizon. Or at least sailing or motoring down the coast a ways—and people who may even have a boat, but have been afraid to cast off the docklines and really have an adventure. If I can do it, so can any reasonably sentient human!

Musician and self-described "multimedia ninja"

Bradford Rogers bought a boat, and quickly learned plenty of things NOT to do. So he decided to [write a book and]launch a podcast about "How Not To Sail." And he figured, "Why not sail solo from St. Pete to Miami to the international boat show in order to promote the podcast? And, hey...the trip itself can be part of Season One." The result is a witty and superbly produced podcast that seems like a mashup of Startup and Snap Judgement...on the ocean.

Along the way, Bradford meets salty characters and makes the inevitable stupid mistakes.

What could possibly go wrong?

--- Bradford says that sailing is the perfect antidote to his technology-driven lifestyle.

"I hear music like 24/7 in my head. And I produce audio and video and stuff for a living. So when I get out there, I don't listen to music. And you really can't be screwing around on a laptop when you're sailing solo.[p] It's a very Zen experience, and it's liberating to be riding a machine that can cross oceans, but which you can control--or repair--by the skill of your own two hands."

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