Get ready to binge listen: The 10 BEST NYC Podcasts For September 2020

Get ready to binge listen: The 10 BEST NYC Podcasts For September 2020

Amateur Nation podcast on New York City Podcast Network

Amateur Nation

The funniest commentary on social issues. This is a standup comedy with stand up comic Lou Santini and his (pretty good-selling) book. This show makes you laugh out loud show as they say "disturbing the "flow of the Pros"! Our favorite podcast episode so far on the New York City Podcast Network is called “A.N. S**tting on Your Cupcake and Calling It Frosting” - He is talking about life during COVID-19 and the Corona Virus pandemic in the Uniter States, the guide to wearing masks and wearing a mask during a ZOOM call. You will laugh during these podcast episodes. He talks about Fauci's guidelines during social distancing. He makes in fun of the people wearing masks during sex and other activities. You can get the Amateur on SoundCloud and other popular audio and podcast platforms. Check out the most popular episode "Amateur Victims Will Hate this Episode”.

Call Put Strike

For those New Yorkers who need great stock tips during the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the one of the best podcasts for stock traders and day trading. Call Put Strike is a daily podcast that is open when the stock market opens and does not stop recording until it is closed. Being investors, this podcast watches all three stock exchanges including the New York Stock Exchange and  NASDAQ.


This podcast claims that they spread the truth. The truth is a big word, but they cover all the viewpoints and angles.  With over 6,000 views per week on the New York City Podcast Network, this fun podcast
We are a podcast who excels at delivering unique perspectives on multiple topics. Our style is informative and interesting. Bringing to you a novel perception, every time.The focus for us, is to share what we logically ascertain is most likely the truth based on all the relevant data, using actual facts to back up our claims. With episodes poking fun at COVID-19, Aborted Babies In Your Soup, Aliens On Social Media, Misleading Terminology, you will always have fun listening to this podcast. Podcast hosts Christopher Romance and Simon Weis also created a Skillshare course on podcasting which is amazing. This podcast is giving back. These guys are dynamic podcast hosts and never bore.

DJ Phalanx – Uplifting Trance Sessions.

If you are looking for great dance music and a podcast that only offers it, this is a DJ podcast! Just like the live shows from DeadMaus and other podcasts, you can get the best trance music from this podcast. Subscribe to this podcast and get read to dance to trance! DJ Phalanx does not need a live show. He does it ALL on this podcast.
David Bornancin is not just a podcaster. He is an MC. Check him out as he belts out emotion as he broadcasts his episodes with strength! A Podcast Show for Helping People. After spending over 33 years in Advance Technology, IoT, AI and Security and traveling all over the world I have searched for ways to help people.This Podcast Series addressed real Issue and very real Pain. Topics I cover are [Sales, Marketing, Careers, Jobs, Unemployed, Education, Healthcare, Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Pressure and Stress, Goals & Revenue, IT, Software, Hardware] and other important topics.In life we get one chance to make something out of nothing. We get to reach for the stars and find a place in the Universe. My goal is forever helping people while having an impact on their lives. Check out his most recent episodes for September 2020 including The Three Little Piggies, How People Interview For Jobs, and our favorite Why Using Computers, Tablets And Cell Phones Will Keep You Young.