Check Out ASHITA from singer sensation Sofi Maeda

Sofi Maeda - Asita - on the New York City Podcast Network

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  We are always looking for the best up and coming artists for our pod safe music collection that offer podcasters excellent music for their podcast and we found the song ASHITA from singer sensation Sofi Maeda. Sofi Maeda hails from Takamatsu city, Japan and her amazing band produces some of the best pop music we heard. She plays guitar, piano, and sings all the lead vocals. Sofi is a hidden gem for America and we want her to be heard, especially to our New York visitors. Her single "Feel This Love" was a winner on the radio Neformatnoe in Russia.

About This Music Video

The video for Ashita is well produced and features the scenes from teenage drama movies complete with the good girl / bad girl scenes as well as fight scenes all in a cool pop video. We love the bully and revenge scenes of this video which include scenes including the Star Wars jedi light saber and well-correographed fight scenes with bully using those the light sabres.

Learn More About Sofi Maeda and her music

After watching this video on YouTube, you can learn more about Sofi Maeda's music at her official website at