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Show 871 Rockin Roulette The Blues

February 1, 2019

From our extensive Blues library we let the computer take over and chose the songs Lee has just one song lengthto find something to say about the song Click here to visit this podcast episode


WTTE 026 – Unwrapping The Egyptian Mummy

January 28, 2019

In the 19th century a very popular form of entertainment was the mummy unwrapping party Yes you could go to a private or public event at which an ancient Egyptian mummy would be unrolled and […]

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Show 870 The Crying Game

January 25, 2019

This months Listeners Choice Show takes a good look at some of the all time great crying records So take out your most absorbent tissues and listen Click here to visit this podcast episode

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Show 869 The Rest Of The Story

January 19, 2019

Facts and stories of well known songs singers and myths today the truth behind those stories along with some great tunes of the 50 s and early 60 sClick here to visit this podcast episode


Murderville GA

January 17, 2019

My Podcaster Focus series continues as I chat with Jordan Smith co-host of the Murderville GA podcast This true crime podcast series looks at a murder trail from 1998 in a rural town where one […]


Rust Creek

January 16, 2019

A conversation about Lunacy s first big film produced by Stu Pollard about a coming of age story of a young girl who has to form an uneasy alliance to over come outlaws in present […]


WTTE 025 – Dinosaurs Palaeontology To Pyjamas

January 14, 2019

1n 1842 a Victorian anatomist looked at some unusual fossils and noticing they had something in common he decided we needed a word to describe these strange creatures He called them dinosaurs Cut to the […]